Using Digital Display Web Banner Campaigns, we can control the delivery and viewership of your ads with multiple demographics that help pinpoint delivery for maximum effectiveness.

Take Full Control Of Your Online and Mobile Message Delivery

When you purchase banner space on a single website, for example: on your local newspaper’s website, you are limited to the prospects who visit only that website. Through our programmatic ad platform, we continually bid to get your ad in front of your best prospects, no matter what site they are viewing, at the best possible price. Since we buy geographically and demographically, your ad could appear on hundreds of websites – but only to people who are in your target area and reflect your target demographic. So, even though your ad may be displayed locally, it will only be seen by that website’s visitors who meet your buying parameters.

Hyper-Targeted Display Advertising

Hyper-Targeted Display gives us the ability to merge “BIG DATA” with current market intelligence and demographic selects. This allows us to deliver the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME! That means your ad can be delivered directly to consumers who are active, in-market shoppers in your trading area! We can target your ads to people who are currently, or very recently, shopping online for your product or your competitor’s product.