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GeoFencing & GeoFraming

What is GeoFencing?

Geofencing is composed of two opportunities to gain market share from your competitors: GeoFencing and GeoFraming. Geofencing allows you to draw a virtual fence around a location and serve ads to mobile device users inside that geo fenced area. For example, if you are an automotive dealer, you could put a GeoFence around your top five competing dealers and
serve ads to people who enter their lot, showroom or service bays. Geoframing collects mobile device IDs from users who have entered a predefined location and allows you to target these users later on after they’ve left. An example would be to GeoFrame a stadium and serve ads to people who went there for a game, giving them an offer that they could take advantage of by presenting their ticket stub.

Digital Display Advertising

Display ads are a form of paid media that allows marketers to create brand, product, or service ads using text, image, and video. These ads are then shown to targeted audiences across networks of topically relevant publisher websites or apps in various banner sizes. Have you ever seen an ad for a website or product you just viewed? Those are remarketing display ads. Display advertising can be a great way to keep your brand, product, or service top of mind for prospective customers through every portion of your sales funnel. We create ads that engage your target audiences and prospects. We couple top of funnel reach

with bottom of funnel strategy through retargeting, contextual targeting, and site targeting.

Display ads can be targeted in a variety of ways:

Contextual: The types of content users consume.

Placement: The types of websites users browse.

Remarketing: Target users who have visited your website before to attract them back.

Interest: Target based on online behaviors and sites users browse.

Topic: Target based on the topic of websites for more relevancy.

Location / Language: Show ads based on where users are in the world and also what language they speak.

Demographic: Target users based on their age, gender, income, and more!

Search Keywords: Ads are served based on browser keyword input. People familiar with PPC know that they can pay upwords of $5-$10 per click for an ad, while display ads can reach similar prospects at a cost between $5-$10 per thousand impressions!

Blue Gorilla Digital leverages the above criteria to create image, text, video, or audio ads to target a variety of audiences through different display platforms and channels.

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