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Join date: Nov 4, 2022


I recently made the strategic decision to merge my boutique PR agency with Blue Gorilla Digital Advertising Agency. This collaboration allows me to provide clients with a comprehensive end-to-end marketing solution that seamlessly combines earned media and paid media strategies.

With my expertise, I specialize in various areas of marketing, including PR, social media content creation, and social media management. My team of creative professionals are the masters at video creation/storytelling, digital advertising (such as display ads, OTT, SEO, and PPC), and email marketing. Whether you're seeking a dynamic PR campaign, compelling social media presence, captivating videos, or effective digital advertising, or maybe a comprehensive combination of all the above, I am here to help.

By leveraging our diverse skill set and industry knowledge, the BGD team strives to deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific marketing goals. I’m always here to connect if you have questions about how to elevate your brand's visibility and engagement through a holistic marketing approach.

Contact me via email at or visit my website at

Nora Minichino

Nora Minichino

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