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Your Ad Campaigns Should Go Beyond Creative. They Need to Be Empathetic.

Updated: Apr 18

The automotive industry is rapidly searching for ways to reach their customers in new ways, as many are staying at home. If your dealership is still using the same creative and messaging as you did before the pandemic, consider changing your tone.

The new reality is that many people are struggling. People’s working hours have lessened or stopped, schools have closed, and many are finding it hard to make ends meet. When you change your message from a direct-sell to a more empathetic tone that mirrors your understanding of the present environment and economic hardships, your dealership becomes a beacon of hope. Customers are more receptive to your message as a solution to help them overcome their challenges.

PROVIDE A SOLUTION TO YOUR CUSTOMER’S PROBLEMS So, where do you start? If you’re going to go the traditional route with financing or low rate offers, consider putting your deferred payment offer front and forward, along with low-interest financing that helps them lower their car payment by spreading their payments out over a longer time. However, your ad messaging should still speak to their state of mind and the situation they are currently in. Instead of making them an offer, you are now offering them a solution to their problem.

REASSURE YOUR PROSPECTS AND MAKE THEM FEEL SAFE Consider highlighting other essential services your dealership offers, like service and maintenance specials, as well as financing for service repairs. These are offers that consumers may need but are hesitant of doing, either due to monetary concerns or fear of close contact and sanitization…both of which you also need to convey in your overall dealership message.

The effectiveness of an empathetic campaign has REAL results. JVS Marketing has implemented changes like this across the board for our clients throughout the U.S. Instead of focusing on the standard loud automotive call outs like, “Buy this car for only $199 a month!” we’ve changed our client’s messages to “We are here for you. We will get through this. Here’s how.” We are promoting these offers mainly through digital methods including video, programmatic display and video emails. Since the launch of these campaigns, we see above normal open rates for our email messages and lower overall costs for our online digital marketing efforts.

Conveying that the dealer understands what their customers are going through, and how they are feeling, should be your new focus. Delivering the right content at the right time ensures that you are portraying the right brand image that is sympathetic to the times.

Use your ads to ensure you’re there for your customers, and that there is hope on the other side of this outbreak. Things will go back to normal. When they do, you want to be ready to help them.

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