Online display advertising, commonly known as website banners, are a great way to get your dealership’s message out there.

If you use dynamic graphics in your website, banners, and home page sliders, you can bring your website to life as you sell your product through visually appealing text, animation and video.

To be cost-effective and reach the most people, these banners must be placed strategically. You don’t want to just throw them up willy-nilly. They need to be placed on sites that are already getting a lot of visitors in your target market.

This is relevant to the online user visiting your site, but they can also be personalized and timely if the visitor has gone somewhere else.

Have you ever wondered how certain ads pop up within minutes of searching for something online? If you’ve ever searched for a hotel near Orlando or family activities in California, you can be sure you’ll see Disney theme parks showing up on your screen within seconds.

Maybe you were looking for an auto shop and the next thing you know, a coupon banner for a discounted oil change or free tire rotation comes up. Not only is it conveniently located near where you live, but it even shows a picture of the type of vehicle you drive.

Coincidence? Fate? Irony?


This is strategically placed branding that is put in front of your face on your Smartphone, computer screen or tablet at exactly the time you are searching for it. While this may reek of George Orwell’s Big Brother, the truth remains- advertisers who know what they are doing can follow the internet users’ clicks and then take full advantage of their searches!

It may seem impossible, a little fantastic even, but it can be achieved if you have a marketing expert in the automotive industry doing it for you. An agency that not only understands the business, but has a grasp on design, social media, landing pages, inventory and incentives.

Blue Gorilla Digital can put your dealership in front of the people who are looking for vehicles. Plain and Simple.

While you may have only used Tri-media advertising in the past ( print, TV and radio), it is time now to utilize the internet. Here’s a few facts that should help influence your decision.

The internet has 3.17 Billion Users and 1 million new active mobile social users are added every day. That’s 12 each second! Google processes 100 billion searches a month which is an average of 40,000 search queries every second!

Wouldn’t you like to have your dealership’s banner ad pop up when someone in your area is looking on Google for a new or used vehicle? Of course you would…and now you can.

Blue Gorilla Digital is your one-stop shop. The team works with all manufacturer brands to ensure the ads are both manufacture and FTC compliant. Not only do they create the banners with amazing graphics, but they make sure each month’s banner matches the manufacturer’s incentive offers.

That’s how you beat your competition.

By showing the most timely incentive offers and doing it based on the best offers available for the inventory you have the most of.

Blue Gorilla Digital’s turn-key process takes the stress out of your hands every month with its Automatic ™ Banner Program. The banners are built to match the look of your site, proofed for compliance, then uploaded to your website and linked.

And that’s just what they do for your website. It can also be built to pop up for those timely Google searches. Those are called Remarketing Banners. A Remarketing Banner is an ad that follows your previous website visitors around the web, kind of like your most persistent internet sales rep. (To find out more, click here and see how “cookies” are placed on your dealership’s website to literally follow them around the internet for up to 90 days!)

Big Brother’s got nothing on Blue Gorilla! Contact them today.

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