What Is Data-Fencing™?

Geo-fencing technology creates a virtual fence around a brick and mortar location. As consumers step within the geo-fence, their mobile phones become available for location-based marketing. Typical geo-fencing companies simply display mobile ads to consumers while they are within a geo-fenced location.

With Blue Gorilla Digital’s Data Fencing product, we not only display mobile ads in real-time, but also match the prospect to “Big Data” opt-in consumer databases. That allows us to deliver an automated, real-time email to those prospects captured within the Data Fence. We then provide the contact and demographic data for those within the geo-fence directly to you via email or through your CRM.

You Will Receive the Consumer’s:

  • Full Name / Address / City / State / Zip
  • Email Address / Phone Number (Scrubbed against National DNC List)
  • Year, Make & Model of Current Vehicle
  • Credit Range

Since both phone and email are provided, you can use this data to feed into your social media accounts for Facebook Display campaigns.

Example Use Cases:

  • AUTOMOTIVE – Car Dealerships and their competitor locations
  • HOME BUYERS – Geofence open houses for Real Estate offers, Home Improvement, Insurance, Mortgages, Financing, Moving Services, Landscaping, Pool Services, etc.
  • STADIUMS/ARENAS/ CONVENTIN CENTERS – Sporting Events, Concerts, Trade Shows
  • HOSPITALITY – Airports, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants, Concierge Services

What Does This Mean For You?

With matched consumer data you receive, you can reach your prospects automatically when they enter the Data-Fence through channels like:

Triggered Email Messages

  • Emails are tailored to the goal of your dealership
  • Emails deploy automatically when a prospect enters the Data-Fence

Triggered Banner Ads

  • Retargeting Banner Display ads are created with a cohesive, matching offer
  • Ads deploy automatically when a prospect enters the Data-Fence

Data Push

  • Prospect data, including phone and email, are pushed to you via email or CRM. You can use this data to feed into Facebook for targeted follow-up campaigns, or to ringless voicemail or direct mail campaigns.

How Long is the Commitment?

We are so confident that you will love the results that we do not require any contracts or commitments. Pay as you go, per deployment and per quantity deployed.

Are you ready to bring qualified traffic to your website and gain a competitive edge over your competition? Contact us today.