Graphics That Make Your Website Sizzle.

Blue Gorilla Digital now features dynamic graphics capabilities that can bring your website to life. Our monthly maintenance packages will keep your website home page sliders current, and your remarketing banners fresh.

How does the AutoMatic
Banner program work?

Each month that new incentives come out, we take a look at what the manufacturers offers…check it against your current inventory…and build NEW web banners for your website based on the BEST OFFERS available for the inventory you have the MOST of. We build the banners to match the look of your site. Proof them for compliance. And then upload them to your website and link them directly to your website.

Blue Gorilla Digital - Full Service Advertising Agency
Blue Gorilla Digital - Full Service Advertising Agency
Blue Gorilla Digital - Full Service Advertising Agency

Remarketing Banners

A remarketing banner is the ad that follows your previous website visitors around the web, kind of like your most persistent internet sales rep…only 10X better!

We place a “cookie” on your dealership website. That cookie enables you to deliver a “retargeted” banner ad to individuals who have previously visited your site, offering a special, discount, or other reason for them to come back to your dealership or website. That’s powerful stuff!

That same remarketing banner can be programmed to follow them around thousands of other websites for 60 to 90 days… the entire shopping cycle to bring a car shopper back to your site again and again.

Home Page Website Sliders

No matter how robust your website architecture, it’s the sizzle that sells your prospects. Presenting the right offers for the customer to see, the instant they hit your home page, is crucial to generating interest in your offers. And when manufacturer incentives change, it’s always the “Battle To The Swiftest.” We change your website’s main offers within 24-48 hours of receiving new offers or incentives. So your prospect sees your best new offers BEFORE THEY SEE THE COMPETITION’S. That means you have the chance to grab the “now” buyer “NOW!

Blue Gorilla Digital - Full Service Advertising Agency

Bring People Back for More.

Life is full of distractions. Most visitors will abandon your site before completing a desired action and some customers ultimately become inactive shoppers. Our AutoMatic Banner Program helps you spark their interest and bring them back to your site.